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Pico – Azores


Relevant information to better take advantage of  your stay in the Quinta da Ribeira da Urze.

The Quinta da Ribeira da Urze fits into one of the most wonderful examples of nature, atmosphere and sympathy in the Atlantic Ocean. Located on the island of Pico highest mountain in Portugal, is part from 9 Islands considered the second best destination by National Geographic.

Pico is an island of access mandatory for all who love of nature.

The climate is temperate, with average temperatures of 13°C in winter and 24ºC in summer. It is said that in a single day could be the four seasons. 

The trip to the Azores could be organised to its extent, choosing how many days want to travel, islands and places of passage or the season of their choice. 

Stay housed in the Quinta da Ribeira da Urze allows you to be at the heart of the Islands of the Triangle, Faial, Pico and São Jorge. 

The Quinta da Ribeira da Urze is located in Prainha de Cima, municipality of São Roque do Pico. Located between the sea and the mountains of Prainha allows feel the freshness of pastures and the sea breeze and sing cagarros of the night.

With ample space surrounding common, you can let the kids play with the will and security, stroll and enjoy the beautiful vistas, to hold a barbecue, or simply read a book in the company of birds. 

Founded by 3 independent houses with common spaces, is the ideal privacy and company time, the neighbours. 
The Casa da Ribeira has capacity for 2 people, the Casa da Atafona for 4 people and Casa da Avó for 6 people. In all is possible to mount 2 extra beds to increase its capacity.

The houses have all the equipment necessary for their stay, from bed linen, towels, soap, etc.. 
The kitchens are equipped with a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, toaster, and all the tools necessary for preparation of meals.

For comfort, there is satellite TV, wireless Internet, DVD player, board games and bicycles available. 

The Prainha de Cima is a safe place where you can learn and benefit from the area of Forest Park or stroll the trails used by shepherds at any time of day. 
To reach the Mountain Island can travel by air directly to the island of Pico.

You can also fly to the airport of Horta, Faial Island, after travelling by boat to the island of Pico a pleasant experience that allows contact with the sea and feel its approach to imposing mountain of Pico. 
Travel by boat between the islands Faial, Pico, São Jorge and Terceira are common throughout the year.

Boats inter-islands: 

To go and meet the island advise rent a car or Schedule with us.



To help in planning their vacations describe some of the places, dates and activities to be considered for a possible stay.


Visit São Jorge and Faial islands - For the neighbouring islands of Faial and São Jorge must travel by boat to Horta, Velas and Calheta, since the 9 to 21 hours every day, which returns to the end of the day. Tickets can be obtained by 5 minutes of the hour journey in the port of embarkation.

Clibing to Pico- The climb with an authorized guide the highest mountain in Portugal allows amazed the sunrise overlooking the islands of Faial, São Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira, reaching the Pico 2351 meters high.

Museums and Crafts - Important place of preservation of tradition and culture of these people, the museums of Baleeiro located in Lajes do Pico, Old Factory and the Whale Media Centre in São Roque or the Wine Museum in Madalena to be visited. Here they meet important pieces of whale bone and tooth, machinery and equipment used in the activities antepassadas. It is noteworthy also the Museum of the School of Arts of Santo Amaro.

Pico Wines - In the parishes of Candelária and Santa Luzia can visit the landscape of vineyards on the island of Pico considered by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Created in the fields of lava currais of wines are made of small plots of land marked by black run of cars, horse during transport of grapes and divided by stones, wineries and plots for other crops. It is from these vineyards is that produced the famous red wine of the Azores archipelago, formerly exported to Russia.

Lakes - The visit to the lagoons is another of points of interest. In the "road of the bush" S. Roque - Lajes, with the help of a simple map and signalling in "Natural Reserve of Pico Mountain," are the Lagoon and Capitão Lagoon Caiado. Through between areas covered with vegetation endemic to find Paul Lagoon and other small ponds along the central plateau. 

Restaurants - The green landscapes filled with cows show the origin of the rich milk that causes the cheese and are a good beginning of a delicious meal in the restaurant's typical of Prainha Low, Canto do Passo to a pleasant taste of wine.

Trails - The pleasure of walking on foot or by bicycle allows pleasant discoveries and pure contact with nature in ways even travelled by farmers who cultivate the land and graze cows in green pastures.

Baths of sea and sun - The natural pools of curious rock formations of volcanic Prainha (Poça) and the clear waters and refreshing of the Baia de Canas are from local baths and sun of excellence.

Park's forestry of Prainha - Located at 2 kms of the Quinta da Ribeira da Urze, Forest Park of Prainha is endowed with areas of recreation, field games, slides, swings and equipment appropriate to carry out nice picnic. It also offers, good moments of relaxation and a privileged view of São Jorge.

Whale watching - The observation of whales and dolphins is an unforgettable experience. The board small boats to reduce the impact on environment of cetaceans, enjoys is a fun ride, emotional and enjoyable in search of these wonders of nature. Reservations must be made in advance with any operator.

Gruta das Torres - Of volcanic origin and with a length of 5,150 meters, the Cave of Torres was classified as Regional Natural Monument because of its importance as a natural heritage. The largest pipe lávico known in Portugal originated with the lava from a volcanic eruption, starting in place known as Cabeço Bravo. They can be visited daily from 14:30 to 17:30 and reservations can be made via telephone or directly in receipt of the Centre for Interpretation.


The three counties of the Pico Island hold their feast of summer, with daytime and night entertainment, sports, excursions by boat, exhibitions and much music, from traditional philharmonic, ranching folklore, marches up of international artists. Through the many activities of these days is to share and understand the people and culture of the people.

Religious, the feast of St. Maria Madalena are from 22 to July 27.


The Cais Agosto in Municipality of São Roque was in July 31, 1.2 and August 3.

The Festival of Bom Jesus Milagroso arise in São Mateus are celebrating is always on August 6.

The Festivals of the Whalers in Lajes do Pico, linked to former and current Whaling observation of whales runs during last week of August.

In the second week of September is held the festival of harvests, with various cultural activities, with emphasis on race "Route of Verdelho."

On the island of Pico groups are excellent interpreters of folk and popular music. The Chamarrita, Caracol, Larun-tam-tum are fashions in bailadas day of the festival.

All Friday concerts are held at the Garden City of São Roque with philharmonic groups and folklore of the county. 


With rich gastronomy, the island of Pico can enjoy a wide range of dishes of unique flavours. Fresh fish as chicharros, veja, cherne the famous broth or grilled fish, beef and pork with greaves, linguíça, molha de carne, espetadas or the lapas grilled, barnacles, lobsters, chips or the octopus stew are right choices .

The cheese is a product of Pico recognized internationally. Served as dessert or entry, shall be accompanied by bread or cake of maize farm.

In sweet, delicious and massa sovada eve of cake accompanied by sweet home of blackberry, fig, grape or néspera are very tasty. Always present at the celebrations of the Holy Spirit, the sweet rice is a regional specific.

Wines of Pico, are greatly appreciated as appetizers of high quality. White, red, smell, angelica and spirits of the peak, can be found in any restaurant or supermarket on the island.


See you soon


”Visiting the island of Pico is enter a world built by small farmers, whalers and fishermen over the centuries, enjoy a dazzling and unforgettable views and cosy villages overlooking the sea”


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